Do you wish you had all of your stats at your fingertips and able to look at them when you wanted to?
With BenchBoss your Coach can share all of your stats with you after a game or practice with a click of a button.

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Sign up for a Free BenchBoss Player account, the next steps are below!

On Mobile – Account Creation

  • Step 1: Download the BenchBoss App in iTunes so that you have easy access to your profile and all of your game stats year over year!

  • Step 2: Create your account & verify your email address.

  • Step 3: Complete your profile by adding a headshot.

  • Step 4: Is your team already using BenchBoss? If so, find your team and request access to join. To search for your team use MENU > TEAMS > + and search for the name of your teams. Once you’ve found them, “Request Access”.

On Web – View Your Profile

  • Step 1: If you have didn’t download the app and create your account you can do it online through the Player Sign Up process.

  • Step 2: After you have your account created login to BenchBoss Web Application to access your profile and search for your team.
    Go to the Menu > Teams > Click the + Button to Search for a Team.

Share BenchBoss With Your Coach

  • Step 1: If your Team is not using BenchBoss invite your Coach to start using it today so you can get access to your Game Stats.

  • Step 2: Send your coach this link: https://app.benchboss.ai/signup/coach.

If you have any questions please email us at info@benchboss.ai or call us at 709.771.7414.

Thank You,

Dave d’Entremont
BenchBoss CoFounder & COO

Stat Sharing Made Easy!