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  • Get detailed in-game analysis – on demand

  • Instant access to stats, analytics, and shot charts. Help your team win more

  • Improve communications and transparency between you and your players

  • No Internet connection? Just use offline mode to take your stats

  • See a full picture of your players’ development and how it translates on the court during games

Are You A Player?

  • Get instant access to your team stats and shot charts on your phone

  • Communicate better with your teammates and coaches

  • Increase your exposure – share your stats profile with coaches and recruiters

  • Your Free lifetime Player profile means you’ll never lose access to your stats

  • Get your practice stats to see exactly where you need to improve your game

Digital scoresheets and stat tracking

 improves team performance.


BenchBoss software has been an invaluable tool for both our coaching staff and athletes. BenchBoss software plays a dual role in our program, acting as both an in-game analytics tool as well as organing game data to help guide both our team and athlete development in training. The ease of in game use allows for instant feedback on team performances as well as the ability to focus in on particular areas of emphasis while also playing a vital role in informing in-game adjustments.

DAVE BANFIELD, Coach, Holy Heart of Mary Highlanders

As the basketball landscape becomes more competitive the importance of analytics is more apparent. BenchBoss provides us with the stats and the analysis we need to get the most out of any potential lineup and all of our roster.

DEVON O’GRADY , Coach, Gonzaga Vikings

Very easy to use! Our manager does the stats and he said after a couple games of getting used to the app he had it perfected. Really like the fact that you can breakdown the stats, shots, by player, quarter, and so on. Really helps our players see over a period of time which area on the floor they shoot well and where they don’t. I think it’s a terrific app, super impressed.

TROY COISH, Coach, Elwood Lakers

BenchBoss has changed the way my staff analyzes games and provides feedback to our athletes! It has also allowed us to build a library of results for players wanting to get recruited. It’s an amazing tool and very user-friendly. 10/10 recommendation!

JON PYE, Coach, Rock Elite

The shot tracking feature for both as an individual and as a team gave great insight on where you’re most efficient and what you need to work on. The best part of the app for me was how it tracks much more than the traditional stats in basketball and shows the true value of a player on the court.

DEVON TOBIN, Guard, Memorial Sea-Hawks


Join BenchBoss. Get instant access to your team stats, analytics, & shot charts.
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BenchBoss Membership Includes:

  • Number of Users – 20 (1 Team)
  • Stat Practices – Unlimited
  • Stat Games – Unlimited
  • Scheduling
  • Advanced Shot Charts
  • Social Sharing
  • Artificial Intelligance
  • Advanced Stats & Analytics
  • Game Story
  • Player Analysis & Comparision

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