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On Web – Account Creation, Setup Team, Create/Invite Players

  • Step 1: Create your account on the web application through the Coach Sign Up process.

  • Step 2: After you have your account created login to BenchBoss Web Application to create your team.
    Go to the Menu > Teams > Click the + Button to Create New Team.

  • Step 3: When you have your team created, start adding players by going to Go to the Menu > Teams > Click View > Click the + Button > Select New or Existing Player and add them to your team.  Or you can send your players the link to BenchBoss App in Itunes where they can download the app to their phone, create their profile, search for the Team Name (Name of the team you created) and you can then accept their request to join your team by going to Menu > Teams > Click View > Requests > Accept or Reject Request.

  • Step 4: After players are added or accepted make sure you assign them a Home and Away jersey number as a game cannot be created without all players having numbers.

  • Coach Note: It is best to use the web application to do the administration work for your team.  Now Download the App from ITunes to your iPad and login with the same credentials that you used to access the web application.

On iPad – Setup Game

  • Step 1: Make sure your iPad has internet access or hotspot via your mobile phone.

  • Step 2: Login to the App on your iPad.

  • Step 3: Set up a game by going to Teams > View > Games > Click the + Button to Create New Game.
    Enter in the basic game data, then click save.

  • Step 4: Enter Duration of the game, select your starting 5, mark any injured or players who cannot play as inactive and click save to finish setting up your game.

On iPad – Game Stating

  • Step 1: If you created a hotspot through your phone you can now terminate the hotspot as all of the game data is saved locally to the iPad.  Do not shut down the device as doing so will erase the game data.

  • Step 2: Stat your game and use all of the features of the software to help you make better coaching decisions!

  • Step 3: When the game is over you can wait until your iPad is in wifi range and then click on “Complete Game” where all of the game data gets synched to the BenchBoss cloud and pushed down to each individual player profile where they will have access to all of their game stats. Or you can create the hotspot again through your phone and then click “Complete Game”.

If you have any questions please email us at info@benchboss.ai or call us at 709.771.7414.

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BenchBoss CoFounder and COO

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